Rider in hospital after dog attacks horse on hack

  • A rider is recovering after a dog attack on her horse.

    Sue Wallis, 50, was hacking on Woodbury Common, Exeter, on Thursday 6 January when a “pitbull-type” dog attacked her 21-year-old mare.

    The mare bolted, throwing Ms Wallis, who is being treated for a collapsed lung in Sidmouth hospital.

    “The dog trotted up quietly, I thought it was friendly,” said Ms Wallis, who was riding out with a friend and two retrievers.

    “Then — without barking or growling — it launched itself at my horse and ripped her throat, shoulder and stomach. It seemed to go on for about five minutes until she threw me off.”

    The mare, Tina, was a hunt horse with the East Devon and was trained never to kick hounds.

    “I tried to get the dog off using my whip, but I couldn’t reach as Tina was going demented,” said Sue.

    “I threw my whip to the dog’s owner but he was useless. We are speaking to the police to help find the dog.”

    The dog is black with a white chest and blaze and was wearing a red collar.

    A white male in his 30s, with dark hair was with it at the time of the attack.

    He disappeared after the attack.

    A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police confirmed they were called out after reports that a dog had attacked a horse on 6 January.

    “Officers are currently in the process of speaking to the female horse rider to establish what took place,” said the spokesman.

    The mare is expected to make a full recovery and Ms Wallis will be off work for three weeks.

    A facebook page has been set up: Savage Dog Attack on Horse at Woodbury’s Wall.

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