Ride against export cruelty

  • The ILPH is organising a charity ride to raise awareness of the plight of horses being transported for slaughter

    The International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) has organised a ride across England to raise awareness of the horrific journeys endured by equines going for slaughter in European abattoirs.

    Hundreds of thousands of horses, ponies and donkeys travel for days in lorries across Europe in appalling conditions, often without rest, food, or water, from as far afield as Belarus, Lithuania, and Romania.

    Celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and horse sports have pledged their support to the long-distance ride. Equestrian personalities already confirmed include Richard Dunwoody, Ian Stark, Tim Stockdale and Sylvia Loch.

    The ILPH Transportation Awareness Ride will start from the Border Union Agricultural Show, Kelso, on Saturday 27 July and will finish in London in early September.

    Jeremy James, ILPH transportation consultant, will be giving public talks along the ride route about the work that the ILPH is doing to improve slaughter horse welfare and about his fact-finding journeys through Europe.

    Pam St. Clement, well-known TV personality and animal lover said: “The traffic in horses and donkeys across mainland Europe for slaughter is horrific – it is inconceivable that in the 21st century this is allowed to happen. I fully support the work the ILPH is doing and its efforts to improve the welfare of these suffering equines. I hope that they achieve their goal of stopping such unnecessary cruelty altogether.”

    Equine clubs and societies, horse lovers and all those concerned about the traffic in live horses for slaughter are invited to join the ride when it is in their area. The route will be off-road as much as possible.

    Those wishing to offer their support in anyway can call a dedicated phoneline (tel: 0870 908 1927), where they will be able to leave a message. Full details of the ride can be obtained on (tel: 0870 366 6910).

    Additional information can be found on the ILPH website at www.ilph.org

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