Rewards of £5,000 offered to help catch brutal horse killers

  • Rewards totaling £5,000 are being offered to help catch whoever mutilated and killed two horses in Cornwall and south Wales.

    On Monday (9 January) the body of two-year old Friesian stallion, Erik was found in his field near Truro.

    His genitalia had been cut off, an eye gouged out and his teeth had been removed. He had also had his tongue sliced and his mane and tail cut.

    Dawn Jewell, Erik’s owner, told H&H she was devastated.

    “He was my best friend, my baby,” she said.

    A mare and foal in the field were unharmed, but left distressed by the attack, which happened between 4pm on Sunday 8 January and midday on Monday 9 January.

    Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating – and have urged horse and livestock owners to be vigilant.

    Last Thursday (5 January) a Welsh pony was found dead and mutilated in Ciffig, Carmarthenshire.

    Owner Linda Vickerage found the body of seven-year-old Barney when she went to feed him and her other horse, Fella.

    Barney had been subjected to a brutal assault. His eyes had been cut out, his mouth and abdomen slit and his ear cut.

    Ms Vickerage is offering a £3,000 reward for “information that leads to the prosecution and conviction of whoever did this”.

    She added: “Someone who does this to an animal is equally capable of doing it to a human.”

    And The Sun newspaper is offering a £2,000 reward to help catch what it calls the “twisted killers” of Dawn Jewell’s mutilated stallion, Erik.

    Anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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