Rescue recruit earns her stripes

  • Penny, the mare rescued by the ILPH and given on loan to the King’s Troop will be “passing out” on 4 December

    Penny, the Irish Draught mare, brought to the ILPH as a neglect case in February has successfully undergone remount training. She is now broken to ride and jumping small fences.

    Penny left the ILPH’s Penny Farm at the beginning of October to spend three months at the Royal School of Artillery in Larkhill Wiltshire. The idea being that after training, she may be suitable as a gun horse.

    Centre Manager Tony Flemming said: “We are really pleased with Penny, especially after everything she has been through. She is a credit not just to the ILPH, but also Sergeant Brian Elliot who has been responsible for her training at the Kings Troop.”

    Penny will now move to London to join the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery to train as a draught horse. It is hoped that Penny will make the grade as agun horse and will enjoy a long career in the Army.

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