Rescue charity mascot honoured

  • Bob the Cob, a horse rescued by the ILPH, has been immortalised as a rocking horse

    The International League for the Protection of Horse’s ambassador Bob the Cob, already a star model for Julip toy horses, has now had a rocking horse modelled on him.

    The rocking horse, made by Kent-based company, Stevenson Brothers, was presented to the ILPH – the charity which rescued Bob – at the Horse of the Year Show this week.

    Director of fund-raising at the ILPH, Roly Owers, said: “Bob is only three years old, but he is so well behaved. It’s quite bizarre how good he is – even with the trumpeting at the unveiling ceremony of the rocking horse model.”

    The rockinghorse – a one-off from the company – will be auctioned off next year by the ILPH for its 75th anniversary. It will also be the year when Bob the Cob will be publicly backed.

    Bob arrived at the ILPH Norfolk Centre a year ago as a half-starved two-year old who could barely walk. His owner was successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA this year and fined £3,000.

    Bob the Cob was Julip’s first toy coloured horse. Part of the proceeds of sales will go to the ILPH.

    For more information on Bob visit www.bobthecob.co.uk

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