Remote riding schools can benefit from new life-saving device

  • A new defibrillator launched for sports clubs could benefit riding schools in remote areas.

    The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW automated external defibrillator (AED) by Martek Lifecare has been used by the airline industry for several years but is now available for the leisure industry.

    The AED is the first to offer step-by-step visual feedback for performing CPR, rescue breathing and external defibrillation.

    There are clear video instructions for checking and changing the pads, battery pack and data card.

    The rescuer is taken through each step of the rescue via a full colour video screen.

    There are over 100,000 deaths due to cardiac arrest (SCA) in the UK each year.

    Without defibrillation to the heart within the first few minutes the changes of survival are dramatically reduced and without treatment 90-95% of victims of SCA will die.

    Health clubs and gyms are prime locations for people of all ages to suffer from sudden cardiac arrest said Martek Lifecare.

    Survival rates are as low as 2% if no electrical shock is provided to stimulate the heart.

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    “A number of sports facilities are realising the benefits of having an automated external defibrillator on site. Sudden cardiac disease is the world’s biggest killer and by simply providing an electrical shock to the heart that person’s chance of survival is improved by 20%. That’s the difference between saving a life,” said Steve Coulson, director at Martek Lifecare.

    He said the company’s Lifeline range of defibrillators “has proven more popular in recent years” following cases of high profile footballers suffering “from the seemingly random effects of SCA.”

    Julian Marczak of the the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) said the organisation welcomes any health and safety initiative which has the potential to save lives.

    “However, before recommending to our member riding schools that they equip themselves with the defibrillator launched by Martek we would wish to be assured that the form of training offered is sufficient, particularly given the considerable level of responsibility placed on the user,” he added.

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