Remembering Britain’s brave animals in war

  • A fund has been launched to help raise money for a new London monument in memory of animals killed in war

    The Animals in War Memorial Fund has begun its campaign to raise money for a monument, dedicated to the millions of animals who served in the conflicts of the 20th century and modern-day events.

    The monument, to be unveiled in 2004, will be at Brook Gate in London’s Park Lane.

    The idea came three years ago after an article in The Sunday Telegraph asked readers for suggestions for an empty plinth in Trafalgar Square.

    Executive director of the fund, Ronnie McCrumm, said: “There were postbags full of mail asking for recognitionfor animals in war. The plinth would have been too small.

    “There was a huge public feeling for some form of recognition for the many millions of animals who fought alongside our forces, some dying in terrible conditions and gruesome circumstances.

    “I don’t know why this hasn’t been done before. It’s surprising as we are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers.”

    The memorial will be constructed by sculptor David Backhouse in Portland stone and cast bronze.

    There will be three principal elements:

    • two heavily laden bronze mules enclosed by a dominant wall on a lower level
    • a horse and a dog on an upper level facing north into gardens representing hope for the future
    • the separating wall will bear images of many different animals in the two World Wars and some of the rescue dogs from New York’s 11 September disaster

    Author Jilly Cooper, who is a trustee of the fund, said :”The memorial will redress the balance as a constant reminder of the debt we owe our animal allies.”

    For donations and more information visit www.animalsinwar.org or contact Animals in War, 72, Wilton Rd, London, SWIV IDE.

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