Readyfield bloodhounds arrive in Africa to protect rhinos

  • Two bloodhounds from Nottinghamshire charged with protecting endangered black rhinos in Kenya have arrived safely in Africa.

    Drastic and Pension from the Readyfield bloodhounds set off last Thursday (27 August) to fly to Nairobi to start their new careers.

    The pair will be helping to save endangered black rhinos in the Chyulu Hills by tracking poachers, who are terrified of bloodhounds.

    The bloodhounds arrived safely and were met by Richard Bonham, chairman of Maasailand Preservation Trust, who said they arrived “seemingly unperplexed” by their eight-hour flight.

    But the airport clearing proved problematic when customs tried to charge $2,000 worth of duty on each dog.

    After five hours of “negotiations” Richard then took one to the Chyuus while the other was taken to Lewa.

    “The drive down to the Chyulus went well. A very different dog appeared out of the crate, covered by a coat of red dust, which he shook off with great dignity as he was greeted with enthusiasm by his new handlers,” said Richard.

    “The meeting with our dog Bosko also went smoothly and there were no signs of aggression from either side. We then took him for a walk to stretch his legs which turned into a marathon as charged around gathering all the foreign smells.”

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