Ready, steady, gallop: trail of painted horses unveiled in Scotland

  • Ready, steady, gallop! Yesterday (Wednesday 25 June) 55 horse sculptures went on show throughout Hamilton and South Lanarkshire in Scotland.

    For the next 10 weeks streets and open spaces will showcase the herd of brightly coloured, life-sized Clydesdale horse sculptures that have been painted by local artists.

    TF16301 SLC Gallop

    Their foals, which have been painted by local school children, will also be helping to take over the town. The aim is to put Hamilton “back on the map” and attract more tourists.

    The theme of Clydesdales was selected because of the town’s proximity to the Clydesdale Valley.

    “We wish to celebrate the role of these mighty animals in the livelihoods of the people who worked the land in Lanarkshire,” said a spokesman.

    25 of the sculptures, which stand at 1.9m tall, along with 30 of the foals, will create an art trail.

    After the event, the sculptures will be auctioned off to raise funds for the local charity The Kilbryde Hospice.

    TF16301 SLC Gallop

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