Rare Suffolk Punch foal fostered — but not out of the woods

  • A rare Suffolk Punch filly, whose mother died within minutes of giving birth early on Sunday (17 July) morning, has been introduced to her new Connemara foster mother.

    Following the death of the Suffolk Punch mare of complications during foaling, urgent appeals from The Hollesley Bay Colony Stud for help were answered by a fostering business, The Newmarket Foster Mare Company.

    However the filly, which is yet to be named, is far from out of the woods according to general manager Jo Cresdee.

    She said: “She is still having blood transfusions and has low immunity levels, she really did not get enough colostrum.

    “The treatment she is undergoing is running into the thousands currently, we are always grateful for any donation.”

    Head groom Tracey Pettitt said: “Her survival is particularly important as this is a filly foal, so it’s about the future of the breed.”

    The Hollesley Bay Colony Stud own and care for 10% of the breeding population of Suffolk Punch Horses.

    Of the 410 Suffolk Punch Horses in existence there are approximately 120 breeding animals.

    To support the Suffolk Punch Trust visit www.suffolkpunchtrust.org or call 01394 411327.

    For more information about The Newmarket Foster Mare Company visit www.newmarketfostermarecompany.co.uk

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