Prizes for loyal Horse & Hound subscribers

  • Are you a long-term Horse & Hound magazine subscriber? If so, H&H would like to thank you for — and celebrate — all your years of loyal reading.

    From July, we will be holding a special prize draw each month to reward two subscribers who have been with us for more than 10 years. There will be some fabulous prizes, including a bottle of Taittinger champagne each month for the longest-serving reader drawn.

    H&H managing editor Karen Spinner explained: “We realised that, while we offer brilliant incentives for new subscribers, some of our most devoted subscribers have been missing out.

    “These are the readers who have been with us year in, year out and have remained incredibly loyal. We hope this prize draw will go some way to letting them know just how appreciated they are by everyone at H&H.”

    The winners will star in the H&H news pages, too.

    “We thought this was a lovely way to thank our winners for their dedication and for them to enjoy seeing their name in H&H too,” Karen added.

    Eligible subscribers will be automatically entered into the prize drawn, with two winners being randomly drawn each month.

    The first two prize draw winners were named on page 8 of the current magazine (11 July, 2013).

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