Lost pony found trapped in deep slurry pit

  • A pony who went missing for 15 hours is recovering after being found submerged to the top of his neck in a slurry pit.

    Cardiff-based rider Nikki Wilcox’s pony Prince went missing on Saturday afternoon (16 January) after escaping from his field.

    A search party hunted for the six-year-old piebald gelding around neighbouring fields.

    Nikki notified police and the local horse warden to keep a look out for Prince.

    “We visited the local yards to see if he had got through the fencing but had no luck,” Nikki told H&H.

    “We thought we would try the fields again and we heard a groaning noise — when we took a closer look we found Prince stuck in a slurry pit.”

    Nikki’s friend managed to get a rope around Prince to keep his head out of the muddy water. Meanwhile, Nikki contacted emergency services and her vet.

    slurry2“The vet said Prince only had an hour to live — it was heartbreaking,” said Nikki.

    The team managed to get Prince out of the pit within an hour with the help of a tractor to pull him free. He was taken into a stable and checked over by the vet.

    His condition had improved by the following morning but the next day (19 January) his health deteriorated.

    “He was found to have two ulcers in one eye and one in the other,” said Nikki. “But a week on he’s getting stronger. I am so grateful to everyone that helped us.

    “Hoss Equine in Taff’s Well donated a lovely thick stable rug and some cream for his sores and a lovely lady, Anna Durran has taken the rugs and has tried to wash them. The vet, Lee, from B and N Equine was amazing”

    Prince is thought to make a full recovery.

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