Pony killed in vicious brick attack *Warning: graphic image*

  • Police are appealing for information about a pony who died following an attack with a brick.

    The Shetland was hit with a breeze block overnight last week, sometime between 11pm on Tuesday 31 March and 9am on Wednesday 1 April.

    The pony, called Taffee, was owned by Danielle Flisher and was the pet of her 17-month old daughter Charlene.

    Ms Flisher found the pony on Wednesday morning when she went to Taffee’s paddock in Boxley near Gillingham, Kent.

    Taffee had severe head injuries. Reports suggest the pony’s skull was caved in one side and her left eye had come out of its socket. The animal also had a broken leg.

    pony beaten with brick

    She was still alive when the vet arrived, but was put down due to the extent of her injuries.

    Ms Flisher told local press: “I don’t understand how anybody could be so sick. Taffee was a tiny pony. The vet said she was hit over and over again and it looks like it was by more than one person.

    “I can’t believe there are people out there who would do this to a tiny, defenceless pony.”

    The five-year-old Shetland had a 10-month-old foal called Biscuit, who was unharmed in the attack but according to Ms Flisher is “lost” without the mare.

    Kent Police confirmed to H&H that they were investigating the incident.

    “Police were called to a report of a horse that had been found dead in a field in Boxley,” said a spokesman. “The incident has been recorded as criminal damage and anyone with any information is asked to call Kent Police, quoting crime reference YY/6371/15.”

    A £1,000 reward has been offered by the family for anyone who can identify those involved in the attack.

    Anyone with information should contact Kent Police on 101.

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