Pony Club to hold first endurance championships

  • The Pony Club’s inaugural endurance championships — the culmination of a number of Pony Club endurance rides all over the country this year — take place on 20 September at The College EC in Bedfordshire.

    Endurance riding was launched as an official Pony Club discipline in March.

    Robert Blane, chairman of Pony Club endurance, said: “We are really pleased with the way Pony Club members have taken to endurance riding.

    “The championships will be a great opportunity for us to see what our members already taking part can achieve, as well as providing a shop window for members wanting to see what its all about.”

    Over 50 Pony Cub riders are expected to compete at the championships, divided across junior (eight to 13 years) and senior (over 13 years) levels, both individually and in teams.

    As with other Pony Club disciplines, classes will divided into novice (32km at 10km per hour,) intermediate (40km at 11km per hour) and open (40km at 12km per hour) levels.

    The championship will run alongside Endurance Great Britain (EGB) Cromwell Group’s annual The College Ride.

    Spectators are welcome and there is no entry fee to the event.

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