Pony Club publishes pocket equine dictionary

  • Hot off the press is The Pony Club’s Pocket Equine Dictionary.

    From abscess to forage and stringhalt to zonkey, this pocket-sized dictionary clearly explains over 500 equine words and terms, in clear and straightforward language.

    Compiled by Judith Draper and priced at just £4.99, it makes the perfect companion for any young person keen to increase their understanding of the world of ponies and horses.

    Also new in the Pony Club library this spring is The Pony Club Quiz Book 2, also compiled by Judith Draper.

    Perfect for Pony Club members and non-members alike, there are questions in this book for everyone, novice or expert, in the horse and pony world.

    The book makes life a little easier for any volunteer producing an equestrian quiz, and is also informative and entertaining, with subjects ranging from general horsemastership to horse and pony breeds, the horse in history, war, folklore, literature, music and art. Priced at just £5.95.

    All publications and merchandise are available online at www.pcuk.org, by calling 02476 698300.

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