Ponies beat rally drivers in mounted games challenge

  • Professional rally and formula one drivers took on the Monmouthshire mounted games team at David Broome’s Event Centre in Chepstow, Monmouthshire on 22 June and came off worse.

    The cars took on the ponies at four types of race ‐ bending, jousting, bang-a-ballon and run and ride. In all, the mounted games team participated in 25 different types of race on the day including hug-a-mug, rope race, hula hoop and sock in bucket.

    The ‘Jump with Renault Day’ featured showjumpers Robert Whittaker and Mark Armstrong, who joined in with the drivers by leaning out of the car windows to burst the ballons and joust.

    Nine of the young Monmouth team took on the guys in the machines, showing them a clean pair of heels.

    Monmouthshire team trainer, Iain Hopkins, said: “It was such a great day. We were very pleased with the riders’ performances and the BSJA and Renault were thrilled with the riders. Everyone took it very seriously. There were lots of meetings about the rules of each race.”

    The day’s events were filmed by the Sky TV show Canter Banter, which is aired on the second Tuesday of every month on Sky channel 280.

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