Polocrosse horses targeted in slashing attack

  • The owner of two horses who were slashed with a knife in their field has warned others to be vigilant.

    Beth Scott’s polocrosse horses, Frankie (pictured, top) and Bella, were attacked some time on Sunday night (18 September).

    Ms Scott had been at a tournament on Sunday and returned that evening.slashingwound

    When arrived at the yard on Monday morning, Frankie was clearly upset.

    “I couldn’t get anywhere near her,” Ms Scott told H&H.

    “I saw she had a rip on her rug, when I was able to take it off I saw she had a slash to her back.”ripped-rug

    Ms Scott also discovered that Bella (pictured, below) had a wound to her knee.

    She called out her vet who cleaned up the mares’ wounds before stitching them up.

    Frankie, an experienced polocrosse horse, has been left with swelling to her back and required internal and external stitches.bellapolocrosse

    “I thought Bella’s injury could have been a kick, but the top of the wound goes up four inches into her leg,” said Ms Scott.

    “I don’t understand who could have done it — it’s so shocking.

    “I can’t believe how cruel some people are.”bellawound

    Ms Scott urges other owners to keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously.

    “You never think something like this is going to happen to you,” she added.

    Ms Scott has reported the incident to police and anyone with further information should call 101.

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