Police horse stunts return to HOYS

  • The Metropolitan Police are set to wow the crowd at this year’s Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) with their high-speed activity ride.

    Eight police officers and their mounts will be demonstrating their skills and agility as they leap through rings of fire and solid paper hoops at the show which runs from 3 – 7 October at the Birmingham NEC Arena.

    Inspector Alan Hiscox, the training officer, said: “There has to be total trust between members [of the troupe] and their mounts so the bonds they form are very strong. The riders often get very attached to the horse they train with.”

    As in 2005, when it was last performed at the show, the 10min display will include fast crossovers, more than 100 obstacles, and the jumping of brush fences without saddle, stirrups, or tunic.

    The activity ride was started in the 1950’s to display the skills of the mounted officers, a unit which first became part of the Metropolitan Police in 1836.

    For more information and to book tickets visit: www.hoys.co.uk

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