Police called after shots fired near hunt

  • A shocking video has emerged of shots being fired close to a hunt.

    Followers of the North Cornwall were riding along a public road near Blisland in Bodmin on 2 January when a number of shots were heard close by.

    A video, taken by one of the mounted followers, clearly records the sound of the shots. This is then followed by shouts from the riders and the field quickly moving on.

    Click here to see the video *warning: contains some strong language*

    Master and huntsman Ralph Mankee told H&H that this is the third year this has happened in this area.

    He said that on this occasion he had taken the hounds a different route to avoid the area, so was not there when the shots were heard, but he has passed on a statement to police.

    “He does it simply to intimidate and threaten,” Mr Mankee said.

    “To actually use a shotgun to intimidate, I would say is threatening behaviour.

    “I think he should have his shotgun licence revoked.”

    Mr Mankee confirmed that nobody was injured in the incident.

    A spokesman for Devon & Cornwall police said they received a call just before 11.30am on 2 January to reports of a possible hunt, and another call advising that shots were fired in Blisland, Bodmin.

    “The incident concerned a dispute between a hunt party and a landowner,” he said.

    “Police have made enquiries and spoken to the interested parties. No crime has been recorded.”

    Polly Portwin, head of hunting at the Countryside Alliance, added: “However people’s views on hunting may differ, firing a gun in the proximity of where children and adults are riding is not an acceptable form of protest.

    “The riders were taking part in a legal activity and were riding on a public highway. It is totally irresponsible and unacceptable behaviour.”

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