Point-to-point “ringer”: five charged

  • Five members of the pointing community have been charged by the Horseracing Regulatory Authority (HRA) with running a “ringer” — a horse that looks like another but is actually much better — in two point-to-point races and attempting a similar scam in a third race.

    The matter first came to the attention of the HRA in April 2006 when a horse called Quintin, owned by Robert Tierney and due to be ridden by Charles Gundry, was set to run at Staintondale point-to-point.

    The Staintondale stewards were alerted to the fact that Quintin may in fact be another horse. After a veterinary inspection, it was discovered that Quintin was actually a horse called Max ‘N Limbo.

    The HRA then launched an inquiry into Mr Tierney and subsequently uncovered two other episodes in which he is suspected of entering ringers in two point-to-point races in February 2006.

    The other individuals who have been charged are Richard Tierney, Charles Gundry, Ruth Marley and Roger Marley. A date for the inquiries is yet to be set.

    It is the first suspected ringers case in British racing since the famous Flockton Grey incident in 1982.

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