Horse owner to lose her grazing after uproar from local residents

  • An owner — whose horses have been allowed to graze on public land— will not have her lease renewed after angry residents complained to the local council.

    Hounslow council signed a year-long lease last October for a horse owner to graze two ponies on a small area of land known as “Pit Park” in Isleworth.

    The paddock is beside the River Crane and was already fenced.

    The decision has prompted uproar among local residents on the neighbouring Worple estate who argue they were not properly consulted.

    Dog walkers are angry that they cannot now let their dogs off the lead in the area.

    There have also been complaints about horse manure and rubbish around the edge of the paddock.

    Residents have told Isleworth ward councillor Ed Mayne the ponies should be removed now.

    “The tenant is looking after the horses perfectly well and we can’t do that,” he told H&H. “If you take away an open space it is always going to be controversial.”

    However, he said ward councillors are unhappy about the way the grazing lease was handled by council officers.

    “The council has poorly served residents and the owner of the horses,” he added. “If the council is going to do this again there needs to be more consultation. Lessons need to be learnt, it hasn’t been handled well.”

    The park used to have a children’s playground but that fell into disrepair. The open space is now mostly used by dog walkers.

    The year-long lease, thought to be worth £2,000-£3,000 to the council, will be honoured but not renewed after the furore over the agreement.

    The owner of the ponies has been told from October she will have to find alternative grazing.

    H&H contacted Hounslow Council for a comment but has not received a reply.

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