Pharmaceutical company launches new leaflets on equine back pain

  • Global veterinary health company Ceva Animal Health has launched a leaflet underlining the basic principles of equine back pain to help educate owners.

    The leaflet, which offers information on the cause, diagnosis and management of equine back pain, complements Ceva’s series of waiting room leaflets aimed at horse owners.

    A spokesman for Ceva said, “The leaflet ‘Understanding Back Pain’ explains the anatomy of the back, as well as the clinical signs of back pain and how it is diagnosed, including the treatment options and the general prognosis.”

    Back pain can be a challenge for both vets and owners, but diagnosing conditions early is beneficial to a more favourable outcome.

    Copies of the leaflet are available free of charge to vet practices.

    For more information visit www.ceva.uk.

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