Pfizer Animal Health opens new equine research centre

  • Pfizer Animal Health has opened a new Equine Research Centre in Michigan, USA to serve as a worldwide base for their research and development of equine vaccines and therapeutic drugs.

    The new centre is located just a few miles away from Pfizer’s Veterinary Research and Development Headquarters in Kalamazoo. It cost $7 million to develop and adds 24,000 square feet of research laboratory space as well as paddock and pasture facilities.

    Ben Lacey, UK Equine Business Unit manager for Pfizer, said: “To have such a specialist new facility significantly enhances the capacity of the UK Equine Business Unit and demonstrates our long term commitment towards improving equine health worldwide.”

    The opening of the Equine Research Centre at the Richland site builds on the $75 million investment into the renovation and expansion of the Kalamazoo headquarters that was completed in 2009.

    Mahesh Kumar, executive director of global biologics research, will lead the vaccine development programme at the new facility. He said: “The centre and its scientific team will serve as the engine for equine research speeding the development of the next generation of equine vaccines and therapeutics.”

    Pfizer Animal Health invests more than $300 million annually into the research and development of their healthcare products.

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