Passport relief for ILPH

  • The British Skewbald and Piebald Association (BSPA) has offered free passports to all the International League for the Protection of Horses’ (ILPH) coloured horses, in support of the charity’s welfare work.

    Bob The Cob, the ILPH’s coloured equine ambassador, was the first to benefit from the BSPA’s generosity when he received a passport and honorary membership of the BSPA when guest of honour at the society’s 2003 championships.

    “We really appreciate everything the ILPH does for welfare in this country and abroad,” says BSPA chairman Lynda Lodge. “It deserves our support and this is a sort of sponsorship. We hope that the scheme will be ongoing beyond the June deadline.”

    The BSPA is also offering discounted passports to loaned ILPH coloured horses. The British Driving Society (BDS) will issue the other ILPH horses with passports at a discounted rate.

    Tony Tyler of the ILPH says: “We are extremely grateful to both the BSPA and the BDS for their generous support in issuing our ILPH horses with passports at a free or discounted rate.

    “Without their generosity, valuable funds would have been directed away from our work in equine welfare.”

    To find out more about the ILPH’s work visit: www.ilph.org

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