Owners on alert after trailer thefts

  • A new service to protect buyers from purchasing stolen trailers has been inundated with registrations of stolen trailers

    There are growing concerns for horse owners after nearly 500stolen trailers have been registered on TrailerWatch UK database, just three months after its launch. The organisation say that currently up to 10 new stolen trailers are being added every week.

    “It is frightening just how many stolen trailers there are in the UK,” explains TrailerWatch UK director Rose Brown. “I knew it was a problem, but had no idea how bad it was until the register was set up.”

    Rose launched TrailerWatch UK after thieves stole two of her trailers during an 18-month period.

    “It doesn’t seem to matter what security devices you use – if they are determined they will still take your trailer ” explains Rose. “However, security products can put off opportunists and will slow down the professionals.”

    The register allows prospective buyers to check if their intended purchase has been reported stolen, and Rose believes it has already prevented individuals from unknowingly purchasing stolen goods.

    “The free stolen trailer search facility on the website enables people to check out the trailers they are buying. This should make life more difficult for thieves trying to sell the trailers on, making them less keen to steal them.

    “Unfortunately there are many people who havebought a trailer in good faith and may only find it has been previously stolen when they try to sell it on,” continues Rose. “Someone who buys a stolen trailer is likely to loose both the money they paid and the trailer, which will be returned to the original owner.”

    The company also helps existing trailer owners, who can register their possession with TrailerWatch UK and receive a laminated certificate of ownership unique to their trailer. This works like a “log book”, providing proof of ownership when selling the trailer or if it is stolen.

    For more information contact TrailerWatch UK (tel: 01206 337580) or visit www.trailerwatch.com

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