Owner thanks fire crews after horse rescued from stream

  • A horse owner in Berkshire has expressed her gratitude to the fire brigade after her horse got stuck in a stream.

    Annika Norris from Padworth, near Reading, found Johnny, a 13-year-old bay gelding, stuck in a marshy stream in his field on Monday (9 August) morning at 7.15am.

    She called Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service who attended the incident.

    Three fire crews took under two hours to remove Johnny from the bog using lifting equipment and a strop round his middle.

    “The incident happened overnight and we believe he may have been stuck there for several hours. But he was very good and very calm, it was a good result,” said a spokesman for Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service

    Johnny was attended by a vet but has no ill effects and is making a speedy recovery at home.

    “I honestly didn’t think there was a way out when I found Johnny in the river barely able to hold his own head above the water. But the fire crew were outstanding throughout the rescue,” said Ms Norris.

    “I am so grateful for the team for their efficiency and concern in Johnny’s well-being and the care the team demonstrated was truly outstanding.

    “The team referred to Johnny by his name at all times, which was so reassuring. They were gentle in their approach and actions with everybody’s safety and Johnny’s wellbeing paramount at all times.”

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