Online fund-raiser for Canterbury Horse Rescue

  • A horse rescue centre in Kent is stitching ‘online quilt’ in a desperate bid to raise funds.

    Canterbury Horse Rescue has until mid June to raise £1million to buy its premises or it risks being made homeless.

    The charity is a permanent home for 25 horses, but has also re-homed around 800 horses and ponies over the past 28 years. It also runs a children’s club, and runs modern apprenticeship NVQ courses.

    “For every £10 donated to the charity we will give you 10 stitches on the E-quilt. We have one million stitches and each has a unique number,” said Stan Ratcliffe, Canterybury Horse Rescue fundraising manager. “When one million stitches have been sold we will run a random number generator and the owner of the magic stitch, as a thank you, will be given £250,000 from the charity.”

    Canterbury Horse Rescue’s children’s club has successfully worked with handicapped and disadvantaged youngsters over the past seven years.

    “The trustees wish to find a permanent home capable of housing the horses and being modified to provide the classroom, care and activity facilities for the NVQ training work with children,” added Stan.

    For more information, visit www.canterburyhorserescue.org

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