Olympics inspires an equestrian themed sports day

  • For evidence that the Olympic promise “inspire a generation” is working, look no further than Milldene Primary School in Tiptree, Essex.

    Head teacher Karen Springett – herself a Games Maker at the Olympics and Paralympics, and a dressage fan to boot – put on an Olympic equestrian sports day for the 85 children in her infants department.

    “We had showjumping and even attempted some dressage,” she told H&H.

    “The jumping was magnificent and in the dressage they tried to lift their knees up high and did some side-stepping.”

    Parents lent riding hats and hobby horses for the event – but a number of children were so enthused by the experience, they have now progressed on to real ponies.

    “The riding schools around here have certainly done well out of us this summer,” said Mrs Springett, whose passion for dressage is now shared by 10-year-old pupil Georgina Smith.

    And the subjects of her holiday homework, on the topic of “my hero”?

    Who else but Charlotte Dujardin and Sophie Christiansen.

    This news story was first published in the currrent issue of H&H (20 September 2012)

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