Older horses: Is 20 the new 10?

  • Midnight Dazzler, 18, is owned by Richard and Carolyn Lissack. Since Harry Meade took him on in 2003, the pair have been in the top 25 at five CCI****s, including finishing eighth at Burghley in 2007

    Harry says: “When I got Midnight Dazzler I was under the impression he was on his last legs, but he was the only good horse I had, so I learnt to be over-paranoid about his management.

    “He takes more work than the other horses, as I keep him ticking over in the winter, walking and working quietly on the hills. That way he keeps a base level of fitness and never stiffens up. Working on the hills gets his cardio-vascular fitness up and reduces the risk of leg injury.

    “I keep the weight on him in winter and keep him warm, always starting work with a rug on him. I find he gets tight muscles otherwise.

    “He gets vitamin E and selenium for his muscles, arnica as an anti-inflammatory, and he’ll have a shot of Hyonate, (a brand name for hyaluronic acid, an intravenous joint lubricant), about a month before a big event and again a few days before. It’s about £120 a shot, and I don’t know if it makes a difference, but you want to give old horses every chance.

    “When he’s in full work he wears aluminium shoes — he flicks his legs and they take some of the pressure off.

    “You need to see the big picture with an older horse — I don’t risk him in one-day events. The only times Midnight Dazzler has run competitively in the past few years are at Gatcombe, Badminton and Burghley.”

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