NFU urges against letting off Chinese lanterns for Chinese New Year

  • The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has called for revellers celebrating the Chinese New Year today (Monday January 23) to not let off Chinese lanterns.

    The NFU has in the past called for an outright ban on the candle-powered lanterns, which are already outlawed in Spain and parts of Germany.

    Their concern is that when the lanterns return to the ground they can be eaten by grazing animals or start fires.

    NFU rural surveyor Louise Staples said: “Our members know how these lanterns can harm or kill farm animals and they can also cause fires to thatch roofs and bales of hay and straw.

    “We hope everyone has a wonderful Chinese New Year but urge people to think twice about setting lanterns off.”

    BBC wildlife camera man Mark Vinall is also calling for a ban on the sale of Chinese lanterns in the UK.

    Mark has launched an e-petition on the Government’s website – https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/13051 .

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