Find out who inspires our top riders PLUS get game-changing training advice for 2017

  • Don't miss today's issue of Horse & Hound magazine to read our two new series — 'Inspirations' and 'Master It With...'

    Two new series have been launched for 2017 in today’s issue of Horse & Hound magazine (5 January 2017).

    The first is ‘Master It With…’ where a top rider takes readers through a step-by-step guide to an exercise targeting a specific area of performance.

    The series kicks off with showjumper Robert Whitaker who shares his exercise for shortening and lengthening your horse’s stride using cavaletti — including an easy-to-follow diagram and the pitfalls to avoid.

    “What better time than the beginning of the new year to start bringing you ideas from the best riders and trainers in the world that will help rejuvenate and vary your schooling — and hopefully provoke a turning point in your horse’s way of going and results,” said H&H‘s content director Sarah Jenkins.

    “‘Master it with…’ presents an insight into the daily training of those we admire and in some cases aspire to emulate. It is wonderful that these incredibly successful horsemen are so open and willing to share a key secret of their success with readers in this way.”

    H&H‘s inside back page will now feature our new ‘Inspirations‘ series, where equestrian personalities tell us about the people and horses who have inspired and motivated them during their careers.

    The series launches with dressage Olympian Laura Tomlinson, who tells us about learning from Klaus Balkenhol’s wealth of experience — and the power of his subtle techniques.

    “In a similarly open way, through our new weekly ‘Inspirations’ feature top equestrians reveal the motivation behind their success,” added Sarah.

    “Talent alone doesn’t get results, and it takes something, perhaps another rider, a trainer, a horse or a specific experience to propel the real greats to the top. It’s fascinating to hear from these riders what the catalyst was for them — and intriguing in some instances to note how different things were at that point and how times have changed.”

    Top names lined up for these series include William Funnell, Piggy French and Ferdi Eilberg for ‘Inspirations’  and Richard Davison, Katie Jerram and Joe Clee for ‘Master It With…’

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