New triple dressage whip range launched

  • German whip maker Fleck has launched a new “triple dressage whip” range.

    The Three-in-one dressage whip is a fusion of the companies most popular models – the Balance, Impuls and Delta whips. The Triple dressage whip has a triple balance grip, for “added comfort and safe handling”

    “The innovative design sees an ergonomically designed triangular shape that is in a variety of grip thicknesses for ultimate comfort,” said a spokesman for the company. “The material that covers the handle has special adhesion properties for a secure grip.”

    The whip comes in three styles all with a soft whip shaft, fine leather thong and in lengths 110cm-140cm.

    The Triple DeLuxe, costing £36, the Triple Flex costing £34 and the Triple Solid for £30.

    For further information visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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