New phone service to help equine charities

  • Could you give to charity every time you make a phone call?

    A new mobile phone service, Donate Mobile, has been launched to raise money for equine charities within supporters’ normal phone contracts.

    The service enables users to give money to the charity of their choice with every mobile call they make. Ten percent of the monthly bill will go to charity — at no extra cost to the user.

    Supporters can choose from more than 160,000 registered UK charities to receive their donation, including national ones such as The Brooke and SPANA, to smaller causes, such as local sanctuaries. Equine charities World Horse Welfare, Greatwood Charity and The Horse Trust are already promoting it among their supporters.

    Donate Mobile runs on the Vodafone network, which claims to deliver 99.7 percent network coverage. New users just have to change their existing SIM card for a Donate Mobile one.

    Mark Brunwin, managing director of Donate Mobile, said: “The service has everything you would expect but with the extra benefit of a donation to a cause close to your heart, importantly with no extra cost to you or your chosen charity. We’ve seen an explosion in text giving recently and see this as the next chapter in supporting good causes through your mobile phone. We hope to raise around £15million for good causes over the next five years.”

    Donate Mobile also offers a handset recycling service and customers can also make additional monthly donations on top of those collected via their bills.

    To switch, visit www.donate-mobile.com, choose any UK registered charity, select a price plan and a free SIM card, which will be delivered the next day. Once activated, 10 percent of each monthly bill (with Gift Aid) is automatically passed on to the chosen charity.

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