New off-road toll ride for horse owners in Nottinghamshire

  • Riders in Nottinghamshire can enjoy even more off-road riding thanks to the opening of a new toll ride.

    The three-and-a-half-mile grassy toll ride links bridleways from Colston Bassett and Kinoulton.

    The toll route was set up by Ride Welland, an equine initiative run by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA).

    “We want to promote tourism in the East Midlands and provide safer off-road riding for horse riders,” said CLA regional adviser Sylvia Hull.

    “The CLA is really pleased with the amount of people who have already shown their support for the scheme, so we are hopeful the toll ride will prove to be popular.”

    The cost of riding on the route will be £65 per year for Kinoulton-only
    Trot (Toll Rides Off Road Trust) members. Riders from further afield will need to pay a day rate of five pounds.

    Fore more information visit: www.tollrides.org.uk

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