New look for Blue Cross ambulances

  • The newly branded Blue Cross horse ambulance was unveiled at Badminton last Friday following a new sponsorship deal with Petplan Equine. The pet insurance provider is joining forces with Fort Dodge Animal Health, which has sponsored the service for the past five years.

    “Petplan Equine is committed to caring for horses and we are very pleased to be able to offer support to this important service,” said Caron Lewis, equine business developer for Petplan Equine.

    Ms Lewis unveiled the new-look ambulances along with Lindsay White from Blue Cross Equine and marketing manager Helen Barnes from Fort Dodge Animal Health.

    “The ambulance service from the Blue Cross provides essential assistance in an equine emergency, which can make all the difference,” she added.

    The Blue Cross equine ambulance, supported by Fort Doge Animal Health and Petplan Equine
    Pictured left to right: Helen Barnes – Fort Dodge Animal Health Marketing Manager, Lindsay White – Blue Cross Equine Welfare, Caron Lewis – Equine Business Developer, Petplan Equine

    Petplan already provides six weeks’ free pet insurance for any Blue Cross animals that are rehomed.

    The Blue Cross operates two horse ambulances, which attend more than 50 events each year. They are equipped with a range of supplies, from basic equine first aid kits to slings, winches and drag-mats.

    In the event of an emergency, a Blue Cross ambulance crew will work to support the attending veterinary surgeon to take injured horses to a safe place where they can receive treatment.

    Visit: www.bluecross.org.uk

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