New international equestrian TV network announced

  • A new international equestrian TV network has been set up, which will provide sponsorship opportunities to horse businesses across Europe.

    Horse & Country TV, Equidia, and Class Horse TV – from the UK, France and Italy – have set up a new entity, to be known as the Equestrian Sports Network (ESN).

    The network will reach more than 35 million households across the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

    The stations aim to make content available to each other through the network, and co-produce shows that will appeal to all viewers.

    Equestrian Sports Network will offer sponsors of equestrian sports a platform to reach a large, targeted audience.

    “The creation of an international network of specialist channels is a powerful step towards realizing the value inherent in the large and attractive audience for horse sports and leisure,” said Horse & Country TV chairman Heather Killen.

    “Our three channels together represent a superior consumer proposition and an enhanced commercial opportunity compared with our stand-alone efforts.”

    Luca Panerai, of Class Horse TV, added: “Many Fortune 500 companies have seen the value of sponsoring equestrian sports events, but have lacked the amplification that media brings to their investment.

    “The Equestrian Sports Network offers a potent and highly targeted solution to this challenge.”

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