New horsecare course for young travellers

  • Horseworld has received a £8,500 grant for a project helping young travellers to learn more about horsecare.

    The Bristol charity aims to take youngsters from the local travelling community who are no longer in school and educate them in different aspects of horsecare, including riding, fence building, grooming and stable work as part of The Discovery Project.

    The project, funded by a National Lottery grant, started in January and will run all year.

    “We find that taking advantage of the unique bond that forms between horses and young people has staggering results,” said Amanda Cranston of Horseworld.

    “The youngsters grow in confidence, which in turn helps their communication skills.”

    Lee Hackett from the British Horse Society added: “It’s a valuable initiative and has our full support.

    Education is a major priority and it’s important the industry includes everybody in this.”

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (29 March 2012)

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