New “high top” welly trainer lauched by Briers

  • A new “high-top” welly trainer has been launched.

    “Boppers are an exciting new way of combining casual, practical footwear with a colourful splash of fashion that will get you noticed,” said a spokesman for the Briers, who produce the boots.

    “Lace-up and with a velcro strap, they’re also a vibrant and comfortable alternative to the traditional wellington boot.”

    Boppers are easy to clean and come in come in pink, purple, black and red. They are available in five sizes, 4 – 8 and cost between £34.99 and £39.99

    Briers also produce a new “stylish high heeled welly”.

    “The design makes them perfect for ladies who do not do flat footwear, even if the occasion would normally call for a traditional welly. Each comes with a 6cm heel, and is available in stylish practical black or full-on glamour silver.”

    They are made with a PVC upper and sole and have a zip. They come in sizes 4-8 and cost £29.99.

    For more information visit www.briersltd.co.uk

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