New cool energy booster Power On launched in UK

  • A feed to increase cool energy has been launched to the UK market.

    Vitamite Power On by Mitavite is a high-quality feed product designed to increase levels of cool energy, improve condition and enhance topline.

    It is made using highly digestible, steam extruded, concentrated rice bran. The high levels of the rice bran oil provides a cool energy source.

    Power On is added to a horse’s normal feed ration and can be given whenever an energy boost is needed.

    “Power On is hugely successful in the Southern hemisphere,” said Cam Price, managing director for Mitavite UK.

    “And it’s becoming popular over here too. It can be added to a horse’s normal feed ration to improve levels of cool energy or to enhance top line and condition and a wide range of horses can benefit from it.

    “People in the show ring love it for the bloom and three-day-eventers like the low GI (glycemic index) slow-release and long lasting energy which makes it great out hunting too.

    “Power On is low in starch and being wet steam extruded means the product is over 90% digestible in the small intestine and it’s even gluten free,” added Mr Price.

    Power On is available in 10kg or 20kg sacks costing £14.50 and £25.00 respectively.

    Web: www.mitavite.co.uk

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