A new challenge? Horse and rider zumba proves popular *April fool*


    Looking for something different to do with your horse this season? If so, Forest Edge Arena might just have the answer.

    The competition centre is offering a weekend of zumba for horse and rider next month, and spaces are filling up fast.

    The classes are the brainchild of dance teacher and amateur showjumper Sarah Jeauke, who will be running the sessions with her husband Hugh.

    She said: “You’ll have a great time, and you and your horse will both get fitter – what’s not to like?

    “It might sound strange but it’s hugely beneficial to the horse, whatever your discipline.”

    Sarah said she came up with the idea from watching dressage to music.

    She explained: “I think the rhythm of the music really helps you concentrate on the rhythm of your horse’s stride.

    “I tried playing music while riding at home and found it very helpful, on the flat and also to keep my horse’s canter consistent while jumping.

    “These classes are just an extension of that.”

    Sarah progressed to riding with friends, and using faster Latin-style music to up the ante, so the result is far from the kur that inspired it.

    She said: “It’s high-energy, with some wicked moves that the horses pick up very quickly, they love it!

    “It doesn’t matter if your horse hasn’t done anything like it, my boy was a complete beginner a couple of months ago and he’s a pro already.

    “It’s helped so much with his engagement and collection, his speed jumping off, and his happiness.”

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    Forest Edge manager Mark Muggeridge said that since the events were published on H&H’s competition entry site Equo, the response has been overwhelming.

    He added: “At Forest Edge Arena, our forward thinking events team is always looking for new ideas and we are pleased to be involved with the launch of horse zumba!

    “We never dreamt it would be this popular, and with the help of Equo, our first class is already almost fully booked. It is definitely something we will be hosting on a regular basis.”

    Sadly, the horse zumba classes do not yet exist. But you can find more great events to enter by checking on Equo!

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