New career for ILPH horse

  • ILPH Flump, a former showjumper, is making a name for himself as a member of the Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team

    ILPH Flump, who narrowly missed out jumping in Grade A competitions because of injury, has been reinvented as an international vaulting horse.

    The 17.2hh Grey Irish Draught – once known as Conkeffy Black – is now a member of the Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team.

    He is on loan from the International League for the Protection of Horses to vaulting coach, Helen Rogerson.

    It was very easy to convert him into a vaulting hors because he has such a balanced canter,” she said.

    He’s got a wonderful temperament and is fantastic with children. He’s about 20 now but he works hard and is in tip-top condition.”

    Sandra Low-Mitchell, who bought him over from Ireland as a five-year-old to jump, remembers Flump well.

    “He was quite naughty at first but had lots of scope and won some big competitions. He turned into an angel and would jump 7 ft for fun,” she said.

    The ILPH is delighted at Flump’s success.

    Eileen Gillen, manager of the charity’s Belwade Farm in Aberdeenshire, said: “I am so proud of him. It just shows what can be done through a proper and effective rehabilitation programme.

    He’s such an honest horse. If he hadn’t been gifted to us when he was – due to the onset of an arthritic condition – it is likely that he would have carried on jumping, and changing hands, in an inevitable downward spiral.”

    Visit www.ilph.org for more information on the ILPH’s rehoming programme.

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