New BRC scheme for riding centres

  • A new scheme is to give riders at riding centres the advantages of the valuable training, examinations, competitions and social benefits offered by being part of the British Riding Clubs movement.

    It is intended to offer BHS-approved riding schools the chance to give their clients the added benefits of being able to join a British Riding Club. The individual riding school becomes a BRC affiliated to the British Horse Society.

    The first establishment to trial this opportunity is Lavant House Stables, in Chichester, West Sussex.

    Laurie Punnett, chairman of the BRC Executive Committee, said: “This is an excellent new way to give non-horse owners the opportunity to take part in the valuable training, examination, competition, and social activities of the BRC movement.”

    Lucy Thomson, proprietor of the BHS-approved Lavant House Stables, said: “I cannot thank BRC enough for taking the initiative and creating such a marvellous opportunity for all approved riding schools and their adult clients.

    “As a past chairperson of an affiliated riding club, I was very keen to be able to offer riding club activities to our adult client base in a similar vein to our successful Pony Club Centre Membership, which has given so many of our non-pony owning children the chance to participate.”

    All members who sign up can benefit from improving their riding and horse care knowledge through BRC examinations and competitions in all the riding disciplines. They can also enjoy a fun and supportive club atmosphere with a wide range of social activities. Members receive discounts and the BRC’S quarterly magazine Rider.

    The Riding Club Centre Membership Scheme will be rolled out from January 2007 to BHS-approved riding schools in the UK.

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