New BedSoft range of horse bedding launched

  • A new range of horse bedding has been launched by Essex-based company BedSoft Ltd.

    BedSoft is produced from locally sourced wheat straw, oilseed rape straw and wood shavings.

    The manufacturers say BedSoft will keep horses “comfortable, warm and safe in their stable”.

    All of the BedSoft bedding is treated with a non-toxic anti-viral, antibacterial and insect repellent agent. This treatment discourages bed eating by leaving a bitter taste.

    The straw is processed using a unique shredding and chopping machine, then treated with a state of the art dust-extraction method before the BedSoft bedding treatment is applied.

    There are three types of bedding — BedSoft Original, BedSoft Bio and BedSoft Blend.

    The Original is made from wheat straw and in tests manufacturers say it absorbed more than 225% of its own weight in water

    BedSoft Bio is made from oilseed rape straw and in tests it absorbed more than 250% of its own weight in water. Manufacturers claim it biodegrades very quickly, keeping muck heaps and disposal costs to a minimum.

    And BedSoft Blend is an unique mix of chopped wheat straw and shavings.

    There is a special introductory offer of four bales for the price of three if bought before the end of March.

    “We are delighted to now be distributing BedSoft throughout the country and with the new introductory offer it is a great opportunity to try our new bedding and to see how happy your horse is, how little muck it produces and how wonderfully absorbent it is,” said Scott Bird, managing director of BedSoft.

    For more information visit: www.bedsoft.co.uk

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