New £2.2 million equine clinic opens in the South West

  • A state-of-the-art equine clinic has been opened in Gloucestershire by the South West-based B&W Equine Group.

    The clinic in Breadstone cost over £2.2m and is one of Europe’s most advanced diagnostic and surgical centres.

    It houses the only equine MRI scanner in the South West, as well as a CT scanner and scintigraphy (bone scanning) unit and was opened on 1 October.

    The orthopaedic and colic theatres, adult neonatal intensive care suites and isolation units are supported by five examination rooms and two knock-down boxes.

    Group director Ian Camm, said: “We are all extremely excited about the new clinic, but our day-to-day first opinion work remains a top priority.

    “It’s very much a case of business as usual, but the fact that we have invested in the latest portable equipment means we can undertake more specialist work at client’s yards, as and when needed.”

    B&W Equine Group was set up in 2008, following a merge between Willesley Equine Clinic and Bushy Equine Vets.

    The practice has four local equine clinics in Breadstone, Cardiff, Failand and Willesley.

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