Net-Tex launches Equine Sept-Clense Wound Gel

  • Net-Tex is launching an advanced barrier gel to deal with scrapes and cuts.

    Equine Septi-Clense Wound Gel promises to adhere to the horse’s skin, encasing cuts, abrasions or scratches.

    Once the wound is cleaned and dried, the gel is applied without the need for antiseptic creams and it begins to help the wound heal from the inside.

    The gel is formulated with anti bacterial and cleansing agents that kill any microbes and keeps the wound moist and in the perfect environment for swift healing and hair re growth.

    As it has flexi properties once applied and sealed, it can be used on difficult areas such as hocks, knees and fetlocks.

    Equine Septi-Clense Wound Gel 250ml RRP £8.80

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