Neigh-Lox contamination claims are “unsubstantiated” says maker

  • The health of horses who have been fed a possibly contaminated consignment of the equine antacid Neigh-Lox should not have been compromised, says US American manufacturer Kentucky Performance Products (KPP).

    A batch of Neigh-Lox was recalled last week by UK distributors Saracen Horse Feeds. The supplement had been implicated as the possible cause of a positive dope test on a British endurance horse.

    We take such allegations very seriously, and our main concern is for the health and wellbeing of horses that depend on this product,” said KPP president Karen Isberg. “We have been working to investigate the claims, and at this time, the allegations are unsubstantiated.”

    Traces of ractopamine — a feed supplement given to pigs to promote muscle growth — were found by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in a random sample taken from Forest, a horse ridden by British rider Christine Yeoman at Euston Park on 9 August.

    Mrs Yeoman is currently suspended from FEI competition, but vehemently denies doping her horse and has been investigating possible causes of contamination.

    She confirmed to H&H that her investigations “have involved discussions with Saracen Horse Feeds concerning the batch of Neigh Lox”.

    But KPP says tests performed on retained samples of that run of the product have shown “no detectable amounts of the alleged contaminant”.

    “We have requested — and are currently awaiting receipt of — product samples from the parties making these allegations, along with copies of the results of any lab tests performed by these parties,” said Ms Isberg.

    Ms Isberg added that ractopamine has not been found to be harmful to the health of horses, despite being included on the FEI’s banned substance list as it can be used as a performance enhancer.

    Saracen Horse Feeds is also waiting for the return of test results on samples of Neigh Lox undertaken in the UK.

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