National Foaling Bank unites broodmare with orphan foal

  • An equine vet has praised the National Foaling Bank after an orphan foal was found in just three days for a mare whose foal was stillborn.

    This was the mare’s third stillborn foal and the vet, Stuart Thorne of Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic in Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire, said she was seriously distressed.

    Mr Thorne said: “These situations are often very difficult and highly emotional for the owners of both mare and foal. On this occasion the National Foaling Bank made the difference between life and death.”

    The mare, Cushy, owned by Juliet Riley of Raunds, Northamptonshire, was initially too agitated to take to the orphan, Pandora, from Uttoxter, in spite of the foal being wrapped in the skin of the stillborn natural foal.

    Mr Thorne sedated Cushy and when Pandora started feeding, the mare accepted the foal.

    Ms Johanna Vardon, who founded the National Foaling Bank in 1965 said: “I’ve handled over 17,000 cases in the last 43 years, with 380 this season.”

    Mr Thorne urged all horse owners to support the organisation: “The National Foaling Bank is a charity and needs support from all involved in the equestrian sector.”


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