Calls for action to help stamp out bullying *H&H Plus*

  • As national anti-bullying week comes to a close, more needs to be done to combat the problem across the equestrian world

    Calls have been made for greater awareness of the various forms of bullying across the equestrian world, plus the need for individuals to take action when they see it.

    As national anti-bullying week (11 to 15 November) comes to a close, individuals have agreed bullying is becoming more widespread in equestrian sport through the negative use of social media.

    Eventer Jake Tarrant, who launched the “Good Sport Initiative” that aims to promote positivity and uses the hashtag #buddydontbully, told H&H some individuals are not aware of what bullying is.

    “Bullying is very directed, it’s derogatory and often someone making themselves feel better by putting down another person. Some people don’t realise they’re doing it, they might snigger or make backhanded comments, but that gradually undermines a person’s ability to make a decision without second guessing themselves all the time,” he said.

    “At competitions you see bullying where individuals believe they are better than others and people should get out of their way. Whether you’re at your first ever show or you’re an Olympic rider, there should be a level playing field across the venue. No one is better than anyone else.


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