Sanctuary’s desperate plea for safe return of stolen pony

  • A rescue centre in Ireland is desperately seeking a beloved resident, who is believed to have been stolen on Monday (9 April).

    Miniature Shetland Polly Pockets, who is allowed to roam freely at My Lovely Horse Rescue in Co. Kildare with the sanctuary’s other small ponies, failed to come in for her dinner on Monday night.

    The team searched the premises, but there was no sign of the chestnut. The yard was securely locked and staff believe Polly Pockets was lifted out over a gate.

    “We’re just gutted,” My Lovely Horse Rescue co-founder Martina Kenny told H&H. “We love each and every pony like they’re our family — it’s like a family member has been kidnapped.”

    After searching local farms, and in ditches and rivers, the team contacted police, and even sent out a drone to see if they could locate the diminutive two-year-old.

    But the search proved fruitless and the rescue centre team is now hoping sharing news of Polly Pockets’ disappearance far and wide will help her be traced.

    Polly Pockets has a distinctive moon-shaped marking on her face, which Ms Kenny hopes will help identify her. She is also microchipped.

    The youngster came to My Lovely Horse Rescue at three months old when she was found in a poor state. Her mother had died and she was struggling to maintain weight.

    The centre nursed her back to health but her weight still has to be monitored carefully.

    Ms Kenny said she was a “very friendly” pony and they miss her.

    “She’s like a little dog so wouldn’t have been hard to take,” she said.

    “Hopefully her distinctive facial marking will help, we said it made her look like a little Harry Potter.

    “We’re so attached to her, someone out there has to find her.”

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    Anyone with information of her whereabouts is urged to call or text 087 9361570 or 087 6655128.

    A spokesman for Gardaí police in Carbury, Co. Kildare, confirmed that the force is investigating the theft of Polly Pockets.

    “Investigations are onoing,” he said.

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