Movie horses take centre stage on blockbuster film set

  • More than 50 horses travelled to London recently for the filming of the latest remake of “Four Feathers” – the classic early 1900s tale about an Army officer who goes on an undercover mission after being branded a coward.

    Thirty riding horses and 20 driving horses were on location at the Cutty Sark pier in Greenwich, where the scene depicting the officers going to war was being filmed.

    The multi-million pound Paramount/Miramax production, which stars Heath Ledger (The Patriot), Wes Bentley (American Beauty) and Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) has been filming for several weeks in Morocco and England and due for release later this year.

    Last week an accident involving a horse and carriage resulted in a number of extras being injured.

    It is understood that one of the Andalusian geldings involved in the filming reared up unexpectedly and came down on his groom, knocking others aside. None of the principal actors were on set at the time.

    Later, a film spokesman explained: “Four of the injured were hospitalised, while three were treated at the scene. Out of respect for the players involved, the unit suspended filming for the day.

    ” In connection with the scene, the production had on hand highly experienced horse handlers and horses that had been used in films before.”However the latest news released about the injured extras is positive:

    “The production team of “Four Feathers” is pleased to report that the health of the female extra and groomsman injured in the accident has beenimproving, with the groomsman being released from the hospital,” said a spokesman.

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